The PT CQU Executive Business Training Centre (CQUEBTC) can develop and package professional development courses to suit your business needs.

Central Queensland University is also proud to offer the combined Master of Management and Master of Business Administration dual degree in partnership with Universitas Bakrie.

If you are interesting in pursuing a research passion, explore our doctoral degrees available to study in Australia.


CQUniversity via the PT CQU Executive Business Training Centre operates on a two-semester year. You can check out the key dates on the main CQU website, which includes dates on classes and orientation for each term.

The MBA/MOM semester start dates can be found at our link to the academic calendars.

You can find information on exams, vacation and teaching periods in our academic calendars available on our website.  You can find assessment details for each unit (including whether the unit has an exam) in the Handbook.

For a list of unit outlines, you can find the Course Structure on our website, if you would like more detailed information about content of each unit, visit the Handbook.

University study can be challenging and that’s why we have a wide range of student support services to assist you with your academic skills and studies. Talk with the Academic Director at CQU or contact or if you are in your first semester, visit the Bakrie University website to see the student support services available.

Applying is easy and quick through our online application portal, iStart. You can also find information on how to apply on our website. Our team can help guide you through the application process.  If you would like to talk to us about this, please contact us on or talk to our friendly CQU staff member Messi on or 081197700521.

Applying to CQU directly is really easy, if you need help applying, our staff are standing by to help. You can talk to Messi on or 081197700521. You are able to apply directly to CQUniversity using our online application portal, iStart.

If you have previously studied in the same subject area at another institution, you may be eligible for credit, also known as recognition of prior learning (RPL), credit exemption and advanced standing.

In order for us to assess your application for credit, you must submit the following additional documents through iStart, our easy to use application system for international students:

  • Certified copy of your official transcript in Bahasa Indonesian or English
  • Unit outline for every unit you wish to be assessed for credit
  • Course Information that includes course duration and number of units required
  • Institution details that include name and location.

Please ensure that all documentation provided is official and translated into English.

You must meet both academic and English requirements. You can find more information on Entry Requirements from our website.

If you do not meet the English requirement, you can study a CQUEnglish course to help you gain the English proficiency required to study an academic course at CQUniversity.

To do this, you can apply for both courses at the same time through iStart. You will be eligible to sit for a placement test (no costs involved) if you do not have an English test result from IELTS, Pearson or Cambridge within the last two years. The results from this test will determine the CQUEnglish course you need to do before your academic course.

If you would like to learn more about this pathway option, please let our team know what time you will be available for a quick chat, and the best number to call you on if you have not provided this already. We're open from 8.30 am – 4.45 pm, Monday to Friday and can be contacted on or 081197700521.

We recommend that you apply for our admissions team to assess on a case-by case basis. Alternatively, CQUniversity has arrangements with a range of partner institutions. If you have studied previously and hold a CQU recognised qualification from one of our partner institutions, you may be able to  use this qualification to gain entry into selected courses at CQUniversity.

The latest fees can be found at this fees list . Please note that the fees provided are an estimate only and may be higher or lower depending on the units selected, as not all units will cost the same amount.

No scholarships are offered for this course.

Yes, you can change your course if you have not been made an offer yet. If you applied directly,  simply login to iStart to request for a change of course. If you applied through an agent, please contact them now as they will be able to request this on your behalf. Please note, at this stage the only course offered in Jakarta is the MM/MBA, all other offerings require you to relocate to Australia.

Under Two Weeks

Assessment of applications usually take approximately two weeks. It may take longer if you have applied for credit assessment. If you applied directly, you can log into iStart to check on the status of your application at any time. If you have used an agent, your agent will be contacting you once they receive your application outcome. Please contact them if you have not heard from them after two weeks.

More Than Two Weeks

Please contact our admissions team on and they will be able to confirm the status and progress of your application.  
E |
P | 081197700521

If you wish to change your agent, you can request this by emailing International Admissions at Please include in your email details of the agent you’ve originally applied with and the agent you wish to change to. Please list agency details such as the agency name and address and the reason why you wish to change your agent in the email.

If you received a conditional offer, you must meet the condition/s stated in your offer to be able to accept the offer and enrol in CQUniversity. Please submit documents to meet condition/s through iStart or via your agent if you applied through one. You should not accept the offer unless you are able to meet all conditions.

Please return your fully signed acceptance from your Letter of Offer, with your payment to Bakrie University (see 1.20). This acceptance can also be emailed to – 081197700521.

If you have applied through an agent, please contact them now as they will need to accept the offer on your behalf and assist you on this matter.

Please pay into the following account and have your student ID available.

Account Number c/o: Yayasan Pendidikan Bakrie
BCA Cabang Rasuna Epicentrum
Virtual Account Number: 505-508-3131

Alternatively, you can pay directly into the Bakrie account at the Rasuna Epicentrum Branch of Bank BCA.

The key academic dates can be found at our Academic Calendar including last date to enrol, and other key student and semester dates. Normally you must be enrolled in your units by the end of the first week of the semester to ensure that you are able to attend classes and receive the information you need for your studies that semester.

You will be contacted prior to the start of the term with all the information you will need for your orientation and any enrolment requirements. If you have any queries you can also contact us directly on – 081197700521.

Orientation occurs at the start of each teaching period for new students. Orientation is important for you to get the information you need about your course, study requirements, study skill support and to meet faculty and your fellow students.

Attending Orientation is compulsory for all students. At Orientation, you will find out about the facilities, support staff, university systems and other information that is helpful to start your student journey.

Applying is easy and quick through our online application portal, iStart. You can also view FAQs on applying from our website.

We recommend applying well ahead of the term you wish to start. Please refer to our key dates from our website for more information.  You should leave yourself time to apply and gather any information and other requirements for entry to the program

For specific entry requirements for a course, you can visit the course page of the website. Alternatively, we list the academic and English requirements for our courses as well.

The best way to see if you are eligible for a course at CQUniversity is to apply.

Submitting an application through our application portal iStart is free and easy to do.

After you have submitted your application, our international admissions team will you contact with an outcome.

We do not have an official last day to apply here at CQUniversity.

We recommend applying well ahead of the term you wish to start. Please refer to our key dates from our website for more information.

This is to ensure you can arrive and enrol on time as you must be enrolled in your units by the start of each teaching period.

To view more information on our courses, their availability for international students and campuses where courses are delivered, please check our Handbook. You will also be able to view the units you will study as part of the course.

If your application has been rejected, you won’t be able to reapply, unless your circumstances have changed. You will need to advise of these changes, for example how you may now be able to meet entry or other requirements as part of any new application.